Introducing NSX in Your Enterprise – Crossing Over the IT verticals

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Virtualization has forever changed the way IT departments operate and VMware with its flagship vSphere brought the concept of virtualization to companies of all sizes, big and small. Well, now that is history and in this digital time and age, it could be considered as old as “Once upon a time” kind of history. Virtualization technologies have come along a long way and with the product portfolio of VMware and its partner organizations, these technologies are now encompassing several functions of IT and datacenter operations such as server, desktops, storage, networking, and security.

The challenges faced by IT departments for server virtualization  were vastly different from those seen for vSAN and NSX. When server virtualization was initially introduced, the concept of virtualization was too geeky for mainstream IT deployment and was deemed that it would never support production environment. In my own experience, More


Silicon Valley VMware User Group (VMUG) Regional User Conference

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Just returned from Silicon Valley VMware User Group (VMUG) Regional User Conference. It was a fabulous event showcasing products and technologies leading the path to virtualization.

It is not possible and practical to implement all technologies into my datacenter, but knowing the direction of innovation will help in designing comprehensive datacenter strategy and benefit from the new technologies and products available

In addition to server virtualization, storage virtualization, network virtualization, and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) were the prevalent product technologies – No surprises here.

The presentation of Virtensys I/O virtualization was very impressive and Power-CLI session was superb and provided new resources for scripting and automating VMware administration.

Companies to watch:

In his keynote speech VMware CTO Steve Herrod introduced the term SuperVM – Sounds interesting….

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