Protecting Your Data from a New Generation of Hackers

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Cybercrime is a rapidly growing threat, and one that businesses and consumers don’t seem to fully appreciate. As more and more business is conducted virtually — on computers and mobile devices — the opportunity for criminals to steal valuable information expands. At the same time, cyberattacks are growing in sophistication with signs that some efforts, including the recent Flame virus, may be sponsored by nation states. And while law enforcement is focusing more attention on the matter, observers say corporate America is not doing all it can to meet the threat. “The problem has been growing exponentially for the last 10 years,” says Andrea Matwyshyn, a Wharton professor of legal studies and business ethics. “As technology advances, the speed and potency of attacks can also increase exponentially.”

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SAN Disks show offline status in Windows 2008

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In Windows 2008 the SAN disks may show offline status when you add a new disk. When you try to bring the disk online from Disk management you get a message “Disk is offline due to a policy set by an administrator

In Windows 2008 SAN Policy was introduced to protect data on shared disks. When a disk is presented to the server by modifying ACL on the SAN, the server marks the disk as offline. The disk has to be brought online to be accessible.

You need to use the Diskpart command to set the disks online.

  • Start command prompt as an administrator
  • Type diskpart to invoke diskpart utility

  • To verify your existing SAN policy enter SAN

  • To set all disks online enter san policy=onlineall

  • To make only selected disk online and not set the SAN policy to onlineall you can use the “online disk” switch after selecting identified disk from diskpart.
  • For more configuration parameters type help san

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