FAQ’s provide users with a first line of support, reduce the time to resolve an issue, and can also reduce the number of help-desk calls for repetitive issues that have standard process of resolution and can be performed by the users themselves. This can also be used as an information sharing mechanism between the team members.

The process involves six steps

1. Create a SharePoint list for FAQ.

2. Add Content Approval for the list.

3. Modify list permissions.

4. Create customized views for FAQ

5. Add content for FAQ

6. Publish FAQ on your SharePoint site

1. Create SharePoint list for FAQ

· Select the SharePoint site where you want to create a FAQ.

· Go to Lists – Select Create and Select Custom List

· Enter List name as desired E.g. Mantraaz FAQ and choose if you want to display the link on Quick Launch

· A blank list with default columns will be created.

· Click SettingsList Settings, Under Columns heading create columns as below

Column Type Required Description
Title Single line of text Yes – (created by default) This will contain the Title or heading of the FAQ
Section Choice Yes – (Choose drop-down menu) Enter your choice menus as desired. This will be top-level headings to identify different headings under which the FAQ is filedE.g. Windows/Network/VMware
Details Multiple lines of text Yes This will contain the main body text of your FAQ
Created By Person or Group Created by default Auto populated by SharePoint
Modified By Person or Group Created by default Auto populated by SharePoint


2. Adding Content Approval for the list

· This step is required to prevent unapproved items from being posted on the FAQ list.

· Select SettingsList Settings

· Under General Settings, select Versioning Settings

· Set Require content approval for submitted items? to Yes

· You may choose to maintain Item Version History if desired


3. Modify List Permissions

· This step is required to prevent unauthorized users from submitting content for approval.

· Create Groups for Submitters and Approvers for the site and add members to the group as desired.

· Select SettingsList Settings

· Under Permissions and Management select Permissions for this List

· Click ActionsEdit Permissions. Add the groups for Submitters and Approvers and assign permissions as desired.


4. Create customized view for your FAQ

· Select SettingsList Settings

· Under Views, select Create View

· Select Standard View

· Enter View name as Public_View or any other name you choose

· Check “Make this the default view”

· Under Columns select Section, Title, Details, Modified, Created By, and Attachments in this order.

· Under Sort select First sort by the column as Modified

· Under Filter select Show items only when the following is true, select the column Approval Status and set the condition as is equal to and enter the value as Approved

· Under Group by select First group by the column as Section


5. Add Content for FAQ

· This FAQ is only as useful as the quality and relevance of the content. Before the FAQ is announced to your user community load it with information that will have an immediate benefit to the readers.


6. Publish FAQ on your SharePoint site

· The ease of access to FAQ is as important as the quality of content. Provide links to FAQ where it is easy to access (E.g. IT department home page)